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WebLogic 12c Master Class

This Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Master Class starts at the most basic and progresses to the most important WebLogic Server 12c administrative tasks. The vendor charges $3,400 for the information contained in the first 7 sections alone.


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We are only offering training on next generation disciplines. We specialize in Data Sciences/AI, Blockchain, Big Data, Microservices, IT Security & Philosophy. It is expected that those fields (in addition to robotics and IoT) will lead to the loss of 79 million jobs in the US alone OR looked at differently – will lead to the millions of jobs in those fields. The trainers selected at have decades of IT experience in general and years of experience in the subjects in which they teach. It is important to note that they are not only TECHNOLOGY experts but also expert TRAINERS. Importantly, once a student successfully completes a course, they are provided a certificate and the results are stored on the blockchain after being signed by We offer anytime / anywhere training with 24/7 access to your Master Course including lecture and labs. Each course is hyper focused and includes the option of coaching or access to Instructor Led Live Virtual Training. Our training is truly On Demand" without sacrificing quality. At the conclusion of a course you are assured of being instantly credible and proficient in future facing in demand IT skills.

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Technology will replace 800 million jobs by 2029

Technology will replace 800 million jobs by 2029… 79 million in the US alone… many of those will be in IT. provides training for future facing technologies and skills.

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Only industry leaders are chosen to train in courses.

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is here.

Data Science (AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning), Blockchain, Big Data, IT Security, Microservices, Philosophy are the fields that are projected to grow by millions of jobs in the near future while eliminating almost 1 Billion jobs. Learn now at

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You have access to industry wide SMEs with expertise in the topic and also a master trainer. You can ask questions and have a response in hours to further the depth of your comprehension and make you an expert. You can also take the training on your schedule. If you want to complete the training in a week or even learn a lesson when you have 5 minutes over lunch - the choice is yours. The courses combine video, slides, hands-on labs, quizzes, certification prep and much more to ensure you leave the training ready to take on new assignments.

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Because when you buy from us, you do not help a CEO buy a second Ferrari.  

You are helping a little girl get dance lessons.  You are helping a little boy take basketball lessons.  You are helping our employees put food on the table. You are helping our employees pay their mortgage or put their kids through college. 

You are our customers and our shareholders and therefore you are the only ones we strive to make happy.

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